How can we develop our work further?

You may want to think about how you can expand the services you offer.

How can we develop our work further?

This question is important because:

New projects are usually relatively small scale in order to allow you to find out what works.  You may then want to expand the services you can offer in some way.

Key messages:

Think of your original project as a pilot.

Ask your existing participants how they think you could develop your programme. Use your learning from self-evaluation to help you decide.  Draw on learning from other people’s programmes too.

You could potentially expand in a number of different ways, for example:

  • offer more sessions
  • include more people in sessions
  • train more people (staff or volunteers) to deliver sessions
  • offer the same service in a new location
  • offer the same kind of activity to a different target group
  • offer additional types of sessions to the same target group.

Case Study

KA Leisure evaluation

There is little desire amongst the people who participated in the evaluation to change the format or content of the Project.  However participants did make the following suggestions:

  • Conducting the inductions out with class time. Currently the inductions are undertaken by the instructor with a new start during the time the MABA class meet.  Participants felt that this was disruptive for current class members – especially if they wanted to speak to the instructor themselves
  • Improve the marketing of the Project amongst referring agencies as several participants felt their health practitioner was unaware of it and they were concerned that people were missing out because of this
  • Improve the marketing of the other health classes to existing MABA participants as many were unaware of the range of classes on offer.  Participants felt that this might encourage people to consider other classes and allow them to progress to other exercises.